Four Arcturus German Shepherd Dogs


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About Us

We are a small hobby German Shepherd kennel in southeastern Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

We believe that Captain Max Von Stephanitz, the founder of the German Shepherd breed, had the right idea way back in the 1890s. His founding principles were that German Shepherds should be intelligent, trustworthy, sound in body and mind, protective when necessary, and loyal to their family.


Our focus is on producing an attractive, all-around companion dog, just as Captain Stephanitz's intended when he founded the breed.


Our belief is that a German Shepherd should be able to excel in the obedience ring winning ribbons, in the pasture herding sheep, or in the backyard playing ball.


Our aim is to produce a dog that can go anywhere, do anything, and still be content to lie quietly at your feet.


Our breeding program includes rigorous health checks. All of our dogs have OFA-certified hips.