Ester, German Shepherd, stacked

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Nicklaus Essence of Armani

Ester is a full sister to our Riker. A deep, deep red and black, she looks every bit her half West German lineage. Sired by the incomparable: Am. Champion, V-rated, Armani Vom Finkenweg SchH1, 1a, OFA excellent.

Ester is a sweetheart; soft and gentle with her family and friends, but take her out to play and you can see that intelligence and trainability turn on. Great bone, great movement. We have high hopes for her.

OFA good hips and normal elbows and DNA-cleared of degenerative myelopathy (DM).

Dam x Sire: Nicklaus' Little Miss Sunshine x Armani Vom Finkenweg

Whisper, German Shepherd

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Meet Whisper! One of our Riker daughters, she has the same sweet disposition as her daddy. Her mom is one of our Juna daughters, bred to a Canadian Champion. She has OFA good hips and normal elbows, and is DNA clear for degenerative myelopathy.

Interestingly, Whisper looks like one of our old East German dogs from which she descends. The East German dogs were truly a treasure and now they are lost to history, but they were known for their physical soundness, devotion to their owners, and trainability. This sure fits our Whisper!

Whisper is my agility dog. Sure-footed, smart, and totally focused on me while we are working. I can’t wait to see what her babies accomplish!

Dam x Sire: Leta's Gift vom Arcturus x Nicklaus Georgio (Riker)

Ester, German Shepherd, stacked

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Leta's Vala


Our Big Girl! Hallie is a big, solid German-American cross. She is an Axle daughter and carries his serious work ethic. Hallie considers anything we tell her to do her job and would never think to disobey us. Solid, serious, and with a heart as big as she is.

Hallie loves puppies and children, and is always ready for a belly rub. She can’t wait to meet visitors, especially those that might be willing to offer a cuddle. Yet, she never lets her guard down. She always knows what is going on and where everyone is. A true German Shepherd!

Dam x Sire: Leta's Gift vom Arcturus x Olto Van Noort (Axle)

Layla, German Shepherd, sitting

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Arcturus' One and Only


Layla earned her name in an unusual way. I was supposed to go to an Eric Clapton concert that night, but Kaylee had other plans! Layla was the only girl born in the litter, so of course, she had to be named after Eric Clapton's song. She had to be tough to hold her own with eight brothers, but once she was out of the litter she became the sweetest girl we could ask for.

Layla has a strong ability to track, just like her grandsire, Quando. Quando sired several Police and Search & Rescue dogs, so Layla is just following after her famous grandfather!

Dam x Sire: Kaylee vom Arcturus x Jolin's REO Speedwagon

Kaiya, German Shepherd

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Fein-Schild's Kaiya vom Arcturus


Kaiya is a Layla and Axle daughter. And just like her mother, Kaiya has quite a nose! She loves to show off her scenting ability with a game of "Find It", which she always wins.

Kaiya is super intelligent, with that ball drive that makes a dog so easy to train. She's pleasent, easy to live with, and just wants to please and protect her family.

Dam x Sire: Layla x Axle

Echo, German Shepherd

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Arcturus' Echo of the Night


Echo is just about perfect. A German-American cross, Echo has beautiful conformation, smooth, silky movement, and a temperament that is as sterling as her conformation. There are just not enough words to describe how beautiful this dog is inside and out.

Echo is smart and so easily trained, with a nice balanced ball drive. She's gentle with children and puppies. I always let either Echo or Layla play with the puppies, since they are so patient and kind to them. This is a "heart" dog — I feel blessed to own her!

Echo's hips and elbows have been OFA'd and she has been DNA-cleared of degenerative myelopathy (DM).

Dam x Sire: Juna Vom Arcturus x Ch. Pine Hill's Pay To Play

Valla, German Shepherd

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Arcturus' Be Mine, Valentine


My Sweet Valentine! So gentle and sweet is our lovely Valla. I've had so much fun with her. Her tail is always wagging no matter what we are doing. She loves Agility, learning the obstacles and directions, always trying to please me.

Valla is homegrown! A Kaiya and Riker daughter, she's been my sweet girl from the day she was born.

Valla is a big solid girl typical of her German/American ancestry. OFA Good hips and Normal elbows, DNA clear for degenerative myelopathy.

Dam x Sire: Fein-Schild's Kaiya vom Arcturus x Nicklaus Georgio