Barron, German Shepherd

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Meet Barron! He’s an English import and a silver sable plush coat!

I’ve always wanted a silver sable, unfortunately in this country most are owned by Amish and other less reputable breeders. I had to go the whole way to England to find a puppy whose parents had the health certifications I require to bring a dog into my kennel.

Barron has been a joy from the very beginning. Rock solid temperament, so willing to please, and smart as a whip.

Since those early days, a small group of dedicated breeders specializing in silver German Shepherds has formed and Barron has been an integral part of that development. Barron has more to offer though. His steady temperament and super sound confirmation will improve any German Shepherd. I would recommend him for anyone breeding for a performance dog. He has OFA Good hips, normal elbows, and is DNA clear of degenerative myelopathy.

Barron is co-owned with Christina Sullivan of Silver Rae German Shepherds.

Dam x Sire: x

Colt, German Shepherd

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Ch. Lindel-Arcturus’ How the West was Won

Colt is our big goof. And by "big", we mean 100 pounds! And he still has a lot of filling out to do. We absolutely love his wonderful personality. When visitors come he can’t stand to be ignored and demands hugs and attention.

Colt is also a new champion! He won it in only 9 shows, including going Best of Breed 3 times along the way! Special thanks to his new co-owners Ken and Michele Beatty, whose support and guidance helped me accomplish a longtime goal: A Champion that is a homebred!

Colt has a fantastic pedigree. Sired by Cowboy, the incomparable 2x Select Excellent, Multiple Best in Show, Multiple Best in Specialty Show, Grand Champion Stuttgart’s Single Action Army V. Hammersmith TC, RN, OFA. His mom, Suzi, was sired by AOE 2XGV CH (US)Campaigner's Gatewood UziROM, CD, TC, HIC, HT, CGC, TDI.

Dam x Sire: Campaigner’s Melana Suzi x Grand Champion Stuttgart’s Single Action Army V. Hammersmith TC, RN, OFA